The following demonstrates my constant pursuit of mapping, making, and measuring experience with diverse teams. If you’re looking for my resume, please take a look at my Linkedin profile.


A New Cancer Alliance

Christening a new design studio with the first workshop for a new alliance. These powerful orgs came together to eradicate cancer by making treatments more accessible. It was my honor to facilitate their first brand workshop. This work is still in progress and covers brand and digital strategy

The National Air and Space Museum

With NASM’s Future State Lab and Digital Experience team, how might we demonstrate the value of design thinking and design sprints? Through a two day workshop that generated over 150 ideas, funneled down to two. Then, a week to create prototypes, write user test scripts, and to test with specific users. That’s how!

The Dept. of Veteran Affairs and IBM Public Service

Each day, twenty-two veterans commit suicide. That number is all too high. How might we begin to tackle this challenge and save a life? First, through mapping to understand a service members journey. Then, our innovation team prototyped different ways of supporting that journey through technology.

IBM Public Service Brand Refresh

All brands need to be refreshed to stay relevant and maintain their professional attire. IBM existing for over 100 years is no stranger to this. Thankfully Paul Rand left IBM with an outstanding foundational visual identity system. Eight bars to represent 8 bits in a byte. This system plays homage to that. Leading a tiger team of 5 to deliver the right look and feel to be a part of the IBM family and yet remain distinct to public sector work.

Sapient Government Services Rebrand

The opportunity to rebrand a $100 million dollar company from the inside? Absolutely, I’ll take that on! I lead a team of 6 creatives through concept creation, moodboards, presentations, and build out. Included was the creation of a new responsive site design, collateral, and oh so much more.

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National Institutes of Health BRICS

Lead the Biomedical Research Informatics Computing Systems team at NIH through identity creation and design a responsive site and launch it in Drupal with a month timeline? Yep, we did that with a team of three!

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Open City Advocates

This is an ongoing pro-bono project. OCA does amazing work helping youth get through tough times. I’m helping them through branding, collateral, a responsive site, as well as content / marketing strategies. There’s more to come!

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I lead the International Initiative for Traumatic Brain Injury Research through identity creation and design for a responsive site. All within one month. To add to the challenge, my clients are a team of international doctors and researchers in three different time zones. It was a lot of hours but I loved every minute of it. It couldn’t have been done without a super smart and easy going group of stakeholders. The client was convinced to go with concept 1.

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American College of Cardiology

Sometimes the client needs to see the possibilities and design can act as a catalyst for conversation. This is one such design piece. Dialog around this work helped inform the massive redesign of their digital properties, the approach to membership, and define movement into their new CMS.

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