With the exception of the SGS rebrand work in which I lead creative, the following shows my capabilities as a designer. My Linkedin profile does a good job of articulate roles where management and strategy took top priority.


Sapient Government Services Rebrand

The opportunity to rebrand a $100 million dollar company from the inside? Absolutely, I’ll take that on! I lead a team of 6 creatives through concept creation, moodboards, presentations, and build out. Included was the creation of a new responsive site design, collateral, and oh so much more.

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Lead the client through identity creation and design a responsive site and launch it in Drupal with a month timeline? Yep, I did that with a team of three!

  • 03_BRICS_S3
  • 03_BRICS_S1
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Open City Advocates

This is an ongoing pro-bono project. They do amazing work helping youth get through tough times. I’m helping them through branding, collateral, a responsive site, as well as content / marketing strategies. There’s more to come in the next few months

  • 02_OpenCityAdvocates_S1


The first intense one month project for NIH. I lead the client through identity creation and design for a responsive site. All within one month. To add to the challenge, my clients are a team of international doctors and researchers in three different time zones. It was a lot of hours but I loved every minute of it. It couldn’t have been done without a super smart and easy going group of stakeholders. I convinced them to go with concept 1.

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American College of Cardiology

Sometimes the client needs to see the possibilities and design can act as a catalyst for conversation. This is one such design piece. Dialog around this work helped inform the massive redesign of their digital properties, the approach to membership, and define movement into their new CMS.

  • 05_ACC_S1

Financial Startup

Startups are tough! Design can help generate motivation and interest. These comp was generated just for that purpose.

  • 06_Finance_S1
  • 06_Finance_S2
  • 06_Finance_S3


Ahh print design. I love it and miss it. NIST MEP does a lot to help a business make their products. This report helped them do just that.

  • 07_MEP_S1
  • 07_MEP_S2

NWF ’09 Annual Report

There was a time where the printed annual report was an exciting right of passage for a designer. The amazing outcome for this, I helped convince the return on investment from needing 3 teams, tons of project hours, to two people making a report that not only shows where the money goes, but the annual achievements for the org. A prime example of design as a change agent.

  • 08_NWF_S1
  • 08_NWF_S2
  • 08_NWF_S3

HS Brands

This was an identity refresh to update the existing look and feel of a fragmented brand. Identity systems are one of the most enjoyable types of work I look for.

  • 09_HSBrands_S1
  • 09_HSBrands_S2

Performance Development

Another startup that needed an identity system. This client focused on executive consulting.

  • 10_PD_S1
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