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Nathaniel Axios (Please, call me NAx)

My design philosophy's foundation can be distilled into a continuous loop of mapping, measurement, and making. We map to understand all that exist in the current state and the aspirational state of a business. We measure so that we might understand performance and quality for the ecosystem and the user. We constantly make against the maps and measurements to push to new levels of quality, insight, and innovation. This loop defines the prototypes that we validate to de-risk our efforts, grow efficiency, and allow us to pivot when we have the right signal.

Get that? Still with me? Living it?
If so, I'd like to know you.

I am driven to build, rehabilitate, and/or reinvent products and services, prioritizing people while leveraging a well-defined vision. This is done by equipping multi-disciplinary, agile teams with the right tools while thriving in a diverse culture. This approach enables a team to be data-driven, own decisions, and drive results.

Past Employers
Core Principles

A person's behaviors are a strong signal
of their genuine beliefs.

What we say, think, do, and feel aren't always the same.
The following principles reflect my view of leading teams.

Focus Decisions

Clearly define outcomes both short term and long term.
Lack of clarity in decision making kills a team’s performance.

Consistent Behaviors

Be consistent with your behaviors. First for your team then for your brand.

Follow the Money

No, money is not the end all but a strong signal of a truly invested person will show up via following their time and money. This applies internally and externally.

Raise Others

Boost and Amplify others success. Be it your teammate, your team, or your brand. This is a solid form of compound interest.

Diverse Collaboration Matters

Diversity of perspective grows strength. A homogeneousness team will eventually give way to failure.

Fail. A lot

This is a horrible cliche in corporate circles but the truth is we DEEPLY grow through stress, pressure, and FAILURE. How might we minimize risk but learn through experiments that result in failures – aka validation –  of our well informed hypothesis? Is our idea DESIREABLE? FEASIBLE? VIABLE?


Professional Profile

My career has crossed many sectors, businesses small to very large, and all the while consistently through the lens of people first.

Areas of Expertise

Customer Experience and Value Mapping:
Lead teams to research, identify, define, and rank what a person does, says, thinks, and feels so that the organization might develop the right strategy for customer engagementInternal

Optimization Capabilities:
Audit and creation of service design blueprints that detail staff experience/s, technology, policies, resources, and more 

Ecosystem/Marketplace Alignment and Partnerships: 
Focus on diverse stakeholders and co-create governance models and implement strategic priorities

Workforce Education and Development:
Create/Focus curriculum and teach experience-driven iterative methodologies so that teams might:

  • Identify, clarify, and align around priorities
  • Grow diversity, adaptability, ADA accessibility, and org resilience in an age of increasing disruption
  • Co-define methods to identify and learn the role of new technologies
  • Ethically and strategically apply technologies to achieve business results
Client Highlights
  • Academy for Educational Development, Inc. 
  • American Cancer Society
  • American College of Cardiology
  • American Institute of Architects (AIA)
  • Conference of State Bank Supervisors 
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education 
  • Department of Veteran Affairs (VA)
  • Flipboard 
  • National Cancer Institute 
  • National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  • Manufacturing Extensions Partnership (NIST)
  • National Wildlife Federation (Ranger Rick)
  • National Air and Space Museum (NASM)
  • North Carolina Dept. of Health and Human Services
  • Open City Advocates
  • SESAC / Mechanical Licensing Collective
  • United States Army (ALTESS) 
  • United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

Design Principal at ConsenSys 

 Apr 2018 - Feb 2020

Established a global consortium of Ethereum-focused (blockchain) studios for decentralized software creation, defining new ventures, and the explorations of enterprise-focused partnerships and projects.

Design Director at IBM iX 

 Jul 2016 - Mar 2018 

Co-led the establishment of, grew new business for, and built the culture of design and innovation within, IBM iX Studios: DC.

Art Director at Deloitte Digital 

Jul 2015- Jul 2016

Led the brand strategy and design delivery for ALTESS (US Army) and National Cancer Institute. Facilitated ideation and delivery of product prototype for EPA open data initiatives.

Art Director at Publicis Sapient 

July 2013 - July 2015 

Led the experience design efforts for a diverse portfolio of client transformation projects such as American Cancer Society, American College of Cardiology, American Institute of Architects, National Cancer Institute, International Traumatic Brain Injury Institute (NIH).

Senior Manager Development Marketing and Strategy
at National Wildlife Federation 

Mar 2012 – Sep 2012

Managed a team of four to develop and implement digital campaigns for mid-level and large donor tiers as well as redesigned the bequest program.

Design Manager at National Wildlife Federation

Apr 2008 – Mar 2012

Led design and user/customer experience tracks for org-wide digital transformation project into Sitecore (CMS), merging of all digital properties, as well as the creation of new products and donor campaigns. Managed a team of three and various vendors/contractors.

Freelance Designer 

Sep 2004 – Apr 2008

Created site designs and branding systems for a range of New England small businesses.

Designer at Silas Partners 

Jan 2004 – Sep 2004

Created websites for various agency clients

Designer at Round 2 Communications 

Mar 2002 – Jan 2004

Consulted to local public relations firms, IMRE Communications and Hill and Knowlton, as a designer for business development.

Designer at Sagel and Associates 

Feb 2001 – Mar 2002

Redesigned the BWI Airport’s site in response to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Jr. Designer at Rand Interactive 

Mar 1999 – Feb 2001

Created websites and branding systems for various clients.

Freelance Designer 

Mar 1997 – Present

Designed for local area businesses.


A few of the more formal academic pursuits

I'm always learning but I got a piece of paper/badge for these.

Designing AI Products. 2021 Certified

06/21 - 09/21

Venture Deals Spring 2021 Certified

03/21 - 04/21
Kauffman Fellows and Techstars

GSV Startup 2021 Certified

01/21 - 03/21
Global Silicon Valley Bootcamp II

MFA Digital Media

2004- 2007
Rhode Island School of Design

BFA Graphic Design

1998 - 2001
University of Maryland Baltimore County

A.A General Studies

1995 - 1998
Montgomery College
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